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Osborne Budget



In his Autumn statement, The Chancellor has increased the Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) from £250,000 per annum to £500,000 per annum until December 2015.


The AIA is a kind of Capital Allowance, which offers tax relief at 100% on qualifying expenditure in the year of purchase. Therefore, you are now able to offset upto £500k against taxable profits.  There is a slight caveat though.  The amount pro-rata’s depending when the asset is purchased in relation to your year end.  In order to obtain 100% you will need to purchase in month 1 of your financial year.


Most entities can utilise the allowance, apart from mixed partnerships (that is , partnerships comprised of both individuals and Ltd companies) and Trustees.  Most assets are eligible, apart from Cars.


This increase will have a huge impact on Businesses who have held back from investing over the last few years.  This increase could mean a tax saving of £0.50 against every £1 invested in new equipment for their business.


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